June 2020 | News

Wearing A Mask With Hearing Loss

By: Ashley McGoey What were you doing when the coronavirus “hit”? I remember that I came back from the gym and immediately got an email that it was closed for the foreseeable future.  I work in a pharmaceutical chemistry lab for my fulltime job, and we were told to work from home as often as […]

March 2020 | News

hearOclub Audiologist Partnership Program

At hearOclub, we are dedicated to improving hearing health through innovative solutions. Our audiology partnership programs are uniquely designed to help audiologists better serve patients by ensuring that they can safely use (and enjoy) their hearing aids without disruption, increasing satisfaction and deepening long-term relationships. We are 100% focused on battery delivery, removing the burden […]

March 2020 | News

Coronavirus Tip: Avoid Public Spaces – Enroll in Home Battery Delivery

With the Coronavirus outbreak spreading rapidly across the United States, many people are taking precautions to eliminate any kind of exposure to the virus. All across the country, large events are being cancelled, people are self-quarantining and staying inside, and many senior living communities are not allowing outside visitors. Many people are turning to delivery […]

February 2020 | News

Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids on Vacation

By: Ashley McGoey I was lucky enough to go to Florida with my family a couple of times, growing up. I absolutely loved the beaches there and I remember feeling so shocked that the salt water hurt my eyes when I was swimming in the ocean. The water in our Wisconsin lakes doesn’t hurt my […]