October 2019 | News

hearOclub Holds Hearing Health Seminar at Casey’s Pond

Steamboat Springs, CO – Hearing is your gateway to interacting with the world around you, and untreated hearing loss can lead to major unexpected health impacts. We take hearing health very seriously at hearOclub, and prioritize educating our community to facilitate healthier, happier lives. Last week at Casey’s Pond (an Elder community in Steamboat Springs, […]

September 2019 | News

How A Hearing Loop Can Open Your Eyes (And Ears) To The World Around You

Imagine going to the theater but being unable to hear the dialogue clearly and missing the punchlines over and over, despite constantly adjusting the volume on your hearing aid. Imagine standing on a subway platform and not being able to hear the announcements over the group of rowdy teens a few feet away. Imagine trying […]

August 2019 | News

Get A Free Copy of Rebecca Alexander’s Book ‘Not Fade Away’ When You Sign Up for hearOclub!

Rebecca Alexander is an author, psychotherapist, group fitness instructor, advocate, and extreme athlete who is almost completely blind and deaf. Born with a rare genetic disorder called Usher syndrome type III, Rebecca has been simultaneously losing both her sight and hearing since she was a teenager. Despite these difficulties, Rebecca refused to lose her drive and zest for life, […]