July 2019 | News

Interview with DEAFinitely Dope Founder Matt Maxey

DEAFinitely Dope founder Matt Maxey has been taking the internet and the hip hop world by storm by giving the deaf and hard-of-hearing community the opportunity to share the full music experience at live shows and interpreting songs online. Maxey’s ASL interpretation makes it easier for the deaf community to follow along to their favorite […]

June 2019 | News

Have You Ever Experienced A Hearing Emergency?

A few years ago at the University of Wisconsin, chemistry student Ashley McGoey was sitting in her organic chemistry lecture for the big review before a final exam. Her entire lecture was in attendance, anticipating a tough final coming up. Everyone was focused on the review, fiendishly taking notes, while Ashley had something happen to […]

June 2019 | News

Attending Music Festivals With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss blogger Ashley McGoey shares her experiences growing up as a music lover, seeing one of her favorite bands at the All That Remains at Rock USA music festival in Wisconsin, and how all of these experiences have inspired her to pursue playing music on her own. Here’s her post!!: I have loved music […]