Our Difference

Trusted batteries straight to your door, fresh and ready to use
As a hear0club member, you have complete confidence that your hearing aid batteries are at their tip-top shape. Our batteries aren’t trucked around the country under damaging conditions or stored in semi-trucks or multiple warehouses before sitting on a retail shelf for who knows how long. Our batteries get straight to you to do what they do best – help you enjoy life to the fullest with every sound. 

Easy To Use

Our packaging allows for easy dispensing of single batteries. Simply turn the battery holder to remove a fresh battery out of the back of the packaging.  No need to open the entire package to get one battery.  The package doubles as a storage device. 

Each battery comes with an easy to remove safety seal to ensure freshness. 

Get the most out of your batteries by:

  • Storing at room temperature in original packaging
  • Leaving the safety tab on batteries until ready to use it.

Taking advantage of hearOclub’s on-demand recycling program to ensure the safest disposal of your used batteries.  Call us for a FREE recycling envelope! 314-310-6704 (833-listen2). 

If you have any questions about our batteries or joining hear0club, please call our toll free number 314-310-6704 (833-listen2).  We would love to hear from you!