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Tips & Precautions to stay safe during the pandemic


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Limit COVID-19 Risk by Avoiding Busy Stores

With the Coronavirus outbreak spreading rapidly across the United States, many people are taking precautions to eliminate any kind of exposure to the virus. All across the country, large events are being cancelled, people are self-quarantining and staying inside, and many senior living communities are not allowing outside visitors.

Many people are turning to delivery services which will eliminate the need to visit a store and be exposed to large crowds of people. One such item that can be delivered directly to your doorstep are hearing aid batteries. Hearing aid battery subscription service hearOclub is doing everything they can to eliminate trips to the store for their members by delivering hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries directly to their doorstep.

Need Hearing Aid Batteries?

The coronavirus represents a potentially serious health problem for us all.  hearOclub stands ready to help anyone with a hearing aid or a cochlear implant avoid the need to expose themselves to crowds at the pharmacy or other public shopping places. The good news is that hearOclub members receive benefits such as:

  1. Fresh, made in the USA hearing aid batteries
  2. Free delivery, directly to their homes
  3. Flexible subscription plans that can be changed at any time
  4. No need to visit busy retail stores


Get Your hearing Aid Batteries Delivered Right to Your Door

Cooperation Is Essential

Many people are rightfully worried about the supply of items they depend on. Since hearOclub’s batteries are made in the USA, supply is not a concern. Once you sign up, you can be assured that you’ll receive shipments every 2 months in the mail without the worry of ever running low.

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