Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms is the realized vision of it’s owner, Hayleigh Scott (winner of Oticon’s National Focus on People Award).  Diagnosed as severe to profoundly hard of hearing as a young child, she set about to change the stigma of hearing loss.  Hayleigh wanted to make her hearing aids shine! 

With hard work and tenacity, Hayleigh has designed hundreds of charms, tube twists, tube treasures, and cochlear bling to help others.  Her website HayleighsCherishedCharms.com and etsy shop (HayleighsCharms) are designed as one-stop shops for hard of hearing/deaf accessories and colorful tubing called BriteTubes.    

Here are some samples of Hayleigh’s charms, tube twists, Britetubes, cochlear bling, and tube treasures. Make sure to check out her website or etsy page for a full selection!


hearing aid charms
hearing aid charms
hearing aid charm

Tube Twists:

hearing aid tube twists
hearing aid tube twist


hearing aid brite tubes

Cochlear Bling:

cochlear implant bling
cochlear implant bling

Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms would make a perfect holiday gift! Make sure to check out her selection, there’s something for everyone!