There are many things you can do to maximize the life of your hearing aid or cochlear implant batteries to make sure they last as long as possible. We at hearOclub want to help share the news on what you can do!

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Five Tips to Maximize Your Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant Batteries:

  1. Let your battery sit for 3 to 5 minutes after removing the tab. Hearing aid batteries are activated by oxygen, and this allows the air to oxidize the battery before it is put to work.
  2. Always store your batteries in a cool dry place with average temperatures and humidity.
  3. Always use fresh batteries. While stocking up can seem convenient, batteries discharge over time, resulting in significant power loss if not used before the expiration date.
  4. Keep it clean! Wash your hands before handling your batteries. Dirt and grease can impact your battery’s connection with your hearing aid.
  5. When not in use, open your hearing aid’s battery compartment. Opening the battery compartment prevents inadvertent battery drain, and can be particularly important during long periods of non-use, such as at night.

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Watch Out for “Zombie Batteries”

Dead hearing aid batteries can regain a small percentage (under 5%) of their charge just by sitting out of the hearing aid in a cool dry place. While this can sound like a good thing, the charge is not enough to power a hearing aid for more than a few minutes, but can fool a user into thinking the battery is full. How can you tell if your battery is fully charged? Use your exclusive hearOclub battery tester keychain: You can determine how much life is left in your battery, and stash a few extras in the drawer to you have a backup on the go. Perfect!

Three Hearing Aid Battery Myths, Debunked

Hearing aid batteries should be stored in the refrigerator. FALSE! NEVER store your batteries in a refrigerator.

For longer life, lick your hearing aid batteries before using them. FALSE! NEVER lick your battery under any circumstances. That’s gross.

Hearing aid batteries are all the same, and brand doesn’t matter. FALSE! Discount battery manufacturers cut corners when it comes to quality. At hearOclub, we use high quality DieHard hearing aid batteries for consistent, long lasting performance. To learn more our high quality batteries, see this article: