Hearing loss blogger Ashley McGoey shares her experiences growing up as a music lover, seeing one of her favorite bands at the All That Remains at Rock USA music festival in Wisconsin, and how all of these experiences have inspired her to pursue playing music on her own. Here’s her post!!:

I have loved music ever since I got my first pair of hearing aids at the age of 3. When I was 6 years old, I used to dress up like Britney Spears and dance around the living room to her music with my little sister. I would lay on my bedroom floor for hours and sing, “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid at the top of my lungs. Maybe it’s a surprise that I never pursued music when I was growing up, but I never lost my love for it. In fact, it only grew when I started experiencing live music. I remember my first concert ever seeing Hilary Duff when I was 9. I did what I thought was proper concert etiquette by singing along and jumping up and down with my arms in the air for the entire 2 hours she was performing. My legs were tired and I wanted to stop, but I thought that was the only way to be cool at a concert! Well, cool enough for a 9 year old I suppose. I like to think I got cooler as the years went on, as that was only the start of my love for going to concerts.

Rock USA Music Festival

Last year I went to my first ~music festival~. Now it was nothing like Coachella, mind you. I went to Rock USA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It was 3 full days of rock bands, $16 drinks, and an unforgettable experience. On the second day of the festival, it started raining around noon. We were hoping it would lighten up, but it just kept going and didn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. Luckily, some of the stands were selling rain ponchos so we tromped through mud to go buy some. My clothes were soaked and I could feel the mud in my socks. (That’s what you get for wearing Converse shoes in the rain). Despite my internal pleas for it to stop raining, it went on. Without stopping. For the whole day.  By the evening, when All That Remains came on (one of my favorite bands), the thunder, lightening, and heavy rain seemed like the show would have to end early. However, the band went on to play their cover of “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks in the thunder and lightning. The lead singer sang, “The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes,” with the lightning going off in the sky. It was surreal being in the crowd watching it all play out. Unfortunately, when they were finished, the rest of the performances were cancelled because the weather was too bad. Though I was disappointed that I wouldn’t see the rest of the performers, that experience watching All That Remains was surreal and an iconic way to end the night.

hearing loss blogger at Rock USA Music Festival

Hearing Loss Won’t Hold Ashley Back

Obviously, it would have put an enormous damper on my experience if I couldn’t hear the music I had come to listen to. In the past, when I attended large events, if my hearing aid batteries died, I went from enjoying myself to mild panic that lasted until the event was over. Then, I could get more batteries at home or the store. Now with hearOclub sending refills of batteries, I know I won’t have to worry about missing out on my favorite bands playing because I can’t hear them. I bet you’re thinking, “Okay Ashley, but you said you were at a music festival where it rained a lot. How would you keep your batteries dry?” Thats where my handy hearOclub keychain saves the day. This plastic keychain has a little drawer for you to store your batteries in. Throw it in a bag or purse, and you’ve got your batteries with you and better protected from water. Instead of needing to bring the entire package of batteries in with you, the keychain allows you to bring in only what you actually need. “Well what if I bring the whole pack and leave it in the car? Then, I can run out and get them in case I need them.” Great idea, except many music festivals, including the one I went to, do not allow re-entry once you leave the main grounds (which includes going out to your car in my case). What I’m trying to say is, use the hearOclub keychain!

Decision to Pursue Music!

Now I am  24 years old and I’ve been so inspired by all the musicians I’ve seen and heard over the years that I am finally pursuing music! I’ve enjoyed listening to it for so long that I finally decided I wanted to be a part of making music. Even if it’s just for myself. I’ve been learning how to play the guitar for about a year now and I’ve  been having so much fun with it. My dream is to be on the stage one day, singing to those thousands of fans in the rain, as the thunder rolls.

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