For many in the hearing loss community it’s a common scenario: you’re enjoying life, out with friends or relaxing at home, when suddenly, BOOM. Your hearing aid battery dies and worse, you’re out of replacements. It’s what hearOclub calls a “hearing emergency”.

Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient to run to the store for replacement hearing aid batteries. Whether the obstacle is a remote location, lack of mobility, a sudden snow storm, or even just a packed schedule, dropping everything and going on a battery run is not always an option.

Hearing aid battery subscription service hearOclub aims to solve this problem by delivering fresh DieHard brand hearing aid batteries on a set schedule, eliminating the gaps that can occur when you don’t have a regular replenishment plan.

“We originally learned about hearing emergencies at a senior living facility,” said hearOclub co-founder RJ Pole. “We met a resident named Ruth who would go two weeks without hearing when her batteries would run out. Ruth didn’t drive, so she would have to wait for her family’s monthly visits to replenish her supply. Talking to more and more people, we’ve realized that this is a huge problem that affects not only seniors but hearing-impaired individuals of all ages, in all walks of life. That’s why we’re excited to pair with the Hearing Loss Association of America. We think we can solve a major problem and improve a lot of people’s lives.”

Battery Tester Key Fob with a compartment for a battery

hearOclub’s mission is to provide peace of mind, assuring members that they will always have fresh batteries on hand. In addition to delivering batteries on a regular schedule, members also receive an exclusive battery tester key chain with an embedded storage drawer free with their first shipment. Not only does the key chain allow members to check their battery’s charge, it also gives them a convenient place to store spares when away from home.

“The keychain is really handy,” says hearOclub member Barbara N. “The other day I was at the doctor’s office when I heard the low-battery chime go off on my hearing aid. I knew I wouldn’t be home before my battery died, but luckily I had a spare tucked away in my hearOclub keychain. It saved the day!”

“hearOclub is dedicated to giving people a piece of their life back, providing seamless access to the world around them,” says hearOclub co-founder Benjamin Norman. “We remove stress from the equation, allowing our members to focus on what is truly important – living life to the fullest.”

hearOclub’s mix of innovative products and extensive customer service parallels the HLAA’s commitment to its members, and both companies aim to increase subscriber value through the alliance. The HLAA is known for bringing to the forefront the latest in auditory resources, and with hearOclub they believe they have found something truly special. hearOclub is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and boasts a US-based Customer Support team to walk new members through membership options and simplify all aspects of the program. By shipping high quality, low priced, name brand batteries directly to members’ doors, hearOclub is exactly the type of company that could benefit the HLAA base.

“In addition to helping individuals, we can also have a major impact on institutions such as schools for hearing-impaired students and senior living communities where hearing emergencies occur on a much larger scale,” says RJ. “Forward-thinking facilities are already reaching out, and we’re getting great feedback as we lessen the burden on staff, students, residents and their families. It’s really a win-win for everyone.”

The alliance between hearOclub and the HLAA will take on many forms, including exclusive membership benefits, participation in June’s HLAA 2019 Convention in Rochester, NY, and representation at Walk4Hearing events nationwide. At the HLAA 2019 Convention in June, hearOclub representatives will be available at an information booth and will also hold a workshop educating attendees on hearing emergencies and helpful ways to protect their hearing. Both organizations are exploring the best way to maximize the alliance and provide the most value to their shared members.

“The Hearing Loss Association of America and hearOclub have a common set of values, and both of our organizations are focused on making life easier for hearing-impaired individuals,” says hearOclub co-founder, Bob Pole. “When we started discussing mission, outreach, and what each of us could bring to the table it very quickly made sense to combine forces to solve a problem. We’re confident that together we can help a lot of people out, eliminating some of the stress and hassle of every day life.”

hearOclub offers all hearing aid battery types: size 312 hearing aid batteries, size 13 hearing aid batteries, size 10 hearing aid batteries, and size 675 hearing aid batteries. Size 675 hearing aid batteries service Cochlear Implants as well.

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